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"Coaching and Co-Working Workshop 
- for Women in Solo Business"

Date: Tuesday 29th June

Time: 12noon AEST [Syd]

Whilst you wait for the Online Workshop - come and join our free private Facebook group for women just like you - it's called Career Change: Start and Grow your own Business
it's a community for women creating a successful and profitable solo business...


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Our private Facebook group is a positive community where you can connect with other women on the road to being  their own boss.

While you wait for the workshop, the group can be your go to hub - where you can access free business training tips, hear and  talk about what it's like to start a business and be in business, you can ask questions and share your wins - because sometimes friends and family just don't quite get it... 😀

This group is one of my favourite places to share tips and resources online - so I'll see you there!

Shandra Moran (your new 'work' friend!)

Assisting women to go from a successful career to being their own boss...

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