Are you thinking about making a Career Change?

Do you want to do something more meaningful? 

Would you like to do work that actually works for you?

Access to the 'CEO You - Be your own boss in the business of your life' program is currently closed...

But - the doors will be opening very soon, and you can be the first to hear about it.

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This program is perfect for you if:

  • you're a woman who has worked in a leadership role - you're good at what you do, but your job is just not working for you anymore
  • you want to feel excited about your work again - instead of feeling burnt out, unfulfilled and frustrated
  • you're thinking about working for yourself and want to create a perfect transition plan - so you can feel confident about making your move
  • you want to connect with supportive, like-minded women and have access to a proven framework that will help you clarify what you want and how to make it happen - without having to quit your job tomorrow!

The doors will only be open for a very short time and, to make sure every member gets the level of support they need - numbers in the group will be very limited.

Entering your details below does NOT commit you to joining the program - it DOES get you on the VIP waitlist ensuring you will be the first to know when the doors to the program are open. 

You'll also get first access to extra special career change bonuses that are only available if you are on this VIP list. 


Enter your details below so you can start creating work and a life you love:


I was really questioning my career and the skills I had. 

Shandra helped me identify what was most important and gave me the courage to have the tough conversations, she armed me with helpful tips and tricks - and before I knew it, I was in a new job, and doing things that make me happy again. 

Thanks to Shandra, I’m a better version of myself, clearer on what’s important to me, my strengths, what my energy should be focused on and I’m so much more confident than before.

Lucie - Senior Manager, Melbourne 

Shandra Moran

After more than 10 years and thousands of hours coaching people in a wide range of leadership roles - and especially after seeing the results from women who did the CEO You program last year - I'm super excited to be running it for the first time this year. 

If you have been feeling like you're ready for a change in your work life, I look forward to you joining the program so you can earn good money, doing work you love, without burning out.

x Shandra

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