You've been thinking about making a career change for a while... 
It's Time To Make A Start
(Before another year slips by...)

Shandra Moran

'ceo you' is a transformational
6 week online coaching program for women wanting to make a career change. 

  • You're flat out, moving in the wrong direction fast, no sense of work satisfaction & no time for yourself, or people you care about most... 
  • You can't imagine yourself being happy if you're still doing what you're doing now in another year, or so....
  • Maybe you're not sure what you want to do next - or if you do know - you want to feel confident it's the right move for you... 
  • If that's you, then the "CEO You" program will help you create an inspiring vision and a clear, actionable plan to get there, so you can start doing the work you love...

"Working with Shandra was nothing short of life changing."
Yvonne, consultant, Perth




Money issues are often a reason women stay doing work they don't really enjoy anymore, rather than start doing something they really want to do...
Because I want to change that, if you join the program before doors close - you will get a bonus Women & Money online workshop valued at $197.
This will give you insights into any money stories you have that might have been holding you back, so you can upgrade them and create the financial results you want in your work and life. 

CEO You is for you if...

  • You’re successful and good at what you do, but you’re feeling unsatisfied, and unfulfilled in what you’re doing for work - it has a use by date that is ticking closer and closer...
  • You really want to do work that feels aligned and more meaningful to you
  • You feel like if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to end up burnt out, angry or just not where you want to be...
  • You’re savvy and can make stuff happen, but trying to do this alone is just not working - you keep saying you want to start looking into options, but then life and other stuff takes over and time just drifts on by...
  • You're starting to think about your return to work after maternity leave and want to make sure what you do for work is going to be right for you and your family...

What Do You Get ? 

You wont be drifting and struggling on your own anymore!
This program gives you all the support you will need to get moving towards doing work you love. 

Live Weekly Online Training

A 1 hour live training session guiding you step by step through each module, so you can create Clarity, Elevate your vision and Optimise your results.


Practical worksheets for each live training, guiding you through the session so you can make the most of your time and set simple, clear actions. 

Private Facebook group

Access to a private Facebook community of likeminded women going through the program with you. A place to share your questions, ideas, challenges and actions.

Facebook Live Q&A

A weekly live video session to respond to your specific questions, challenges and provide additional support as you implement what you're learning.

Training Recordings

Access to session recordings allowing you to watch each training in your own time,  or enable you to re-watch a module or activity whenever it suits you.

Support & Accountability

It's hard to create change alone! You'll get support from people who genuinely understand how you're feeling and want to help you do work you love.

Get instant access to The ceo you program now!

You know you've been thinking about wanting to make a change for a while... What are you waiting for - a meltdown? Burn out? Another 6 months to pass..? Another year? Why not make a start now?

"The CEO YOU program challenged me to think differently about my situation and gave me the tools I needed to put a strategy  and plan in place to move forward."

"It really helped me to get some much needed clarity."

Cathy Gair

"Shandra has a way  of making it easy to understand concepts and apply them to your daily life immediately. She is engaging and encourages everyone to share and be a part of the program which is important when it's online/webinar based. This is the second program I've done with Shandra and I can say that every time, I learn more and fell empowered to do more and achieve more in my life." 

"Thank you for putting this program out there, as I know many others will benefit from your knowledge and expertise"

Ameeta Gangaram 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the CEO YOU program. It was very practical and the framework captures the various areas of your life that need thought and attention, in order to move closer to your dreams. I loved Shandra's enthusiasm and the wealth of knowledge she shares in each session. Before the program, I felt stuck and I didn't know where to begin."

"Now I have direction and a plan to keep building on." 

Donna Rendell

"Pivoting in your career can be a daunting process but Shandra made it accessible, attainable and less scary with the CEO YOU program. Relevant, hands on action plans, coaching and advice, helped me work out what I wanted to do and the nest steps."

"I highly recommend this program to anyone wondering what's next."

Tanya Simpson

Here's What We'll Cover Together

CEO You Mindset

In this introduction you will step into the role of CEO You, define what success looks like and explore who you are beyond the role you’re paid for.


  • Explore the core Mindset principles you need to adopt
  • The 5 priorities of being CEO You 
  • And the unconscious beliefs that can hold you back if you don’t know what they are…

Module 1 - Vision

In this module you’ll clarify your big picture vision, looking to your future to explore and discover your long term aspirations so you can create an inspiring future that propels you forward.


  • Visualise your future self
  • The Power of One
  • Linking your future to your now

Module 2 - culture

In this module you’ll clarify your values, aligned to who you really are, what's most important to you as well as identify the habits and rituals that will make your work not only more meaningful, but also more sustainable.


  • Your Values for work and life
  • Creating your Personal Brand statement
  • Developing a culture of performance and wellbeing

Bonus: Mindfulness for Busy Minds guided meditations

Module 3 - strategy

In this module you get super practical… aligning your big picture vision to clarify - what do you want next and how are you going to get there – as fast as possible!


  • Setting specific goals and milestones
  • Creating your action plan
  • Leveraging 4 types of action

Bonus: 90 Day action Planner

Module 4 - Finances

In this module you will progress your action plan as well as look at the all-important aspect of your financials… the numbers you need to know to take responsible action, and minimise financial stress


  • Check in on action taking
  • The one number you need to know
  • Your financial dashboard 

Module 5 - team

In this final module you will identify the types of support you want and need to assist you to achieve your goals and your big picture vision…  make sure you can achieve what you want to do and maintain it without trying to do it all yourself...


  • 5 types of support you need to thrive
  • A simple support audit
  • Your ongoing action plan

'CEO You'

Normally $997

Limited One time only offer


'CEO You' Plus

Normally $1,497
Enhance your results by adding 
2 private coaching sessions


What people said they liked about the CEO YOU program

* Shandra's passion and knowledge and the workbooks

* The program was very well structured and it was very clear to follow, it made absolute sense! 

* The weekly consistency  and the Facebook group.

*  How each module is focused on a different element.

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE

I want to make sure you get results! If you attend the first session, work through the activities and you're not happy with the program, or just don't think it's right for you, then just email me & I'll refund your payment 100% - no questions asked.

Who Am I???

Hi! I'm Shandra... I'm pretty much a recovering workaholic... Is that reassuring - or worrying???? I'm a coach, facilitator and speaker working with entrepreneurs and executives to bring the best of who they are to what they do.

I used to work in radio and then corporate training. I love working - my husband Mick thinks I'm a freak, but I really enjoy learning and sharing what I learn with others so they can apply it to their own situation. I used to think I could just push through hard deadlines and long hours - and for a long time, I did exactly that.

But I was unhappy and got sick all the time. After being diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue, I knew I wanted something more for myself and so I quit and reassessed what I really wanted and how I wanted to make it happen. Now I've dedicated my life to helping others - especially women - to do the same.

Life's too short to just work without enjoying what you do. I love what I do and I can't wait to help you feel that way too!



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Get instant access to the CEO You Program now!

Struggling to make the time to do this on your own won't get you where you want to go fast enough... This program will give you accountability to ensure you prioritise yourself for once...

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