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I used to be stuck in a job that was supposed to be awesome –

it had great perks, I earned good money and award winning results.

Only thing was - I was really unhappy.

I had no clue what I wanted to do next, I just knew there was something else I was meant to be doing… something more satisfying, more meaningful, more… me…

More than 10 years later – now I totally love what I do!

I'm a coach, facilitator and speaker. I combine work and travel, I've co-authored a best selling book, launched a podcast and work with great clients.

I especially love working with women in leadership roles who have had a great career so far, but are questioning what’s next for them - they're feeling ready to make a career change to something that suits their lifestyle and what’s important to them now.

If you want to start exploring how you can get started doing work that's more meaningful and aligned to what's most important to you, then watch this replay!

I can't wait to help you Love Your Work again...

Shandra Moran


Within only a few sessions, Shandra helped me identify the things that were most important to me - before I knew it I was in a new job, doing the things that make me happy." 

Donna Rendell


I thoroughly enjoyed the CEO You program. Before the program  I felt stuck and I didn't know where to begin. 

Now I have direction and a plan to keep building on.

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