Top 10 Podcast Episodes to 
Manage your Mindset in Times of Change

During these times of unexpected change it's easy to 'over consume' news and social media feeds...

Whilst its important to be informed, news full of uncertainty and negativity can lead you to feel overwhelmed and vulnerable...

In times like these it's more important than ever for you to surround yourself with people and information that gives you perspective and clarity on what you can and can't control...

This Mindset podcast playlist gives you easy access to:

  • Ways of thinking to help you feel more empowered - no matter what's happening around you  
  • Ideas to manage your inner and outer game throughout ongoing change
  • Practical tips on how to influence what you can... and let go of what you  can't...
  • How high achievers can make the most of this time of change and come back stronger on the other side...

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Love this podcast! Shandra is a wealth of information and she shares great tips to get you thinking about what you really want out of life. Not only is her enthusiasm infectious, but she shares fascinating facts that get you thinking about your own behaviour and decisions. I'm hooked!


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I've only just started listening to The Transit Lounge and I absolutely love it. 

Down to earth.

Clear. Concise.




Itunes review

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