The truth savvy women know about starting their own business...

(so they don't go broke in the process...)

Do you dream of leaving your job and starting your own business, but negative thoughts about money and finances hold you back from getting started..?

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You can imagine yourself in the future... 

You have a successful, fun, profitable business that gives you the lifestyle and freedom you want... 

BUT then - your inner critic keeps bringing up questions like:

  • Will you be able to earn enough money? What happens if you don't?

  • How will you pay the BILLS??
  • Will you EVER be able to eat out, or go on holiday again? Are you going to have to eat tuna and rice for a year?!? Will you end up living in your car?
  • Are you SURE this is a good idea?!!?

All these questions and worries running on repeat in your head are guaranteed to lead you to overwhelm, uncertainty and indecision, which means you may NEVER get started on your business idea... 

... or if you do get started, your money worries will inevitably follow you there and hold you back from earning what you're really worth...

But there is a way for you to break out of that loop

- and it's a priceless gift to give yourself...

Which is: understanding your Money Zones...

There are 5 Money Zones that influence how much money you earn and keep.

They are 5 specific areas in your life that impact how you Think, Feel, and Act around money...

The 5 Money Zones all women have are:

  1. Boundaries
  2. Empowerment
  3. Mindset
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Action

Before you can create a successful business you need to know which of these Money Zones are working well for you and which ones need your attention...

This quick Tick-A-Box Money Breakthrough Quiz will take you less than 5 minutes and will show you:

  • How to recognise the 5 Money Zones that are influencing how much you earn and keep
  • Which Money Zone will make the biggest positive impact on your specific situation
  • One action you can take this week to improve your relationship with money instantly

Enter your details to take the Quiz - it's your first step towards being confident with money:

I'm Shandra and after making the transition to work for myself over 5 years ago, I know how exciting and daunting starting your own business can be... 

My own experience going from burnt out employee, to happy, healthy business owner has made me super passionate about helping women to earn great money, doing work they love, without burning out. 

My coaching with Shandra was nothing short of life changing...

I was having some serious issues around feeling worthy of generating more income in my business. I was able to empower myself and move forward in my life and business. 

My income has doubled and more opportunities have presented themselves. Thank you Shandra."

VON JOY  // Coach

I'm no longer afraid of money conversations...

"Before working with Shandra I didn't have a very good relationship with money. I would avoid conversations about money and had increased my debt. I wanted to have more confidence and control over my money.
I'm no longer afraid of money conversations.
This was without doubt the best investment I have made in myself."

LEISA HART  //  Change Consultant

After working with hundreds of small business owners, one the thing I have found to be true is that no matter how hard you work, or how good your product or service is, if you don't get your Money situation sorted, you will struggle to create a successful business...

I'd love to help you leverage your Money Zones, so you can bring your business idea to life.

This quick quiz is your first step in becoming more confident and empowered with money...

Enter your details below to take the free Money Breakthrough Quiz - it's your first step towards being confident with money,

so you can start your business sooner:

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