Pricing and Profit Secrets Workshop  
for women in solo business


With Shandra Moran

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so you can confidently set things up and earn Good Money from your own business..."



It's happening live on: 

October 27th

at 7pm AEDT (Sydney)

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Starting your own business after a career is like entering a whole new world...

Deciding what to charge...

Asking people to buy from you...  

Just thinking about having to handle all the financial stuff can make you squirm...

But.... you want to pay yourself a good salary as quickly as possible...

... and you know that if you're going to have a successful business then you've got to make friends with the money side!

Imagine if:

Concerns - became confidence...

Uncertainty - became clarity ...

Looking at your bank account  delighted you...

What You'll Learn on the Live Workshop:

  • 1
    3 money principles to create a business you love.
  • 2
    Discover the 2 sides of money that rule your results - so you can maximise both sides.
  • 3
    How to approach your pricing to ensure your business can pay you well as soon as possible.
  • 4
    The priority systems to put in place as early as you can to help create a profitable business
  • 5
    Plus, how to uncover the unique invisible influences that have impacted your results with money - and what you can do to upgrade them...

Your Workshop Host: Shandra Moran

Shandra Moran Business Coach

I’m a coach, facilitator, speaker and podcast host. 

I’m also wife to Mick, Fur-mum to Kettu [a Finnish Lapphund ] and a passionate advocate for true wellbeing.

I've had leadership roles since my 20’s and worked for a decade in the media industry - I was ‘successful’, but wasn’t very happy…

So I quit and explored my passion for communication and people development…

I’ve been through all the challenges of career change and starting a business several times…  

Going from self-confessed workaholic, into burnout, and totally reinventing my work life has made me super passionate about working with positive, high achieving women to help them create a successful and profitable business they love, without burning out.


digital marketing consultant

"I love Shandra's enthusiasm and the wealth of knowledge she shares in every session. She has a way of making it easy to understand 'concepts' and apply them immediately. Every time I learn more and feel empowered to do and achieve more."

Cathy Gair

Market Research Director

"The sessions challenged me to think differently about my situation. Shandra gave me tools I needed to put a strategy in place to move forward. It really helped me to get some much needed clarity."

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