Workshop testimonials

Phenomenal! Just finished the
My Brilliant Year workshop with the uber amazing Shandra Moran… The workshop was right before Christmas and was the perfect tonic to a busy life.
I have finished the session feeling
connected, on purpose and ready to get stuck into pursuing my goals for 2016! Can’t recommend Shandra’s workshop highly enough.

Liz, Consultant, Sydney

The opportunity to focus on what is important to me and what I want to achieve and what I need to do to get there was most valuable to me. Also, having the opportunity to reflect on last year and the fact that I am living proof that this really does work reaffirms that it is important to have goals and achieve them. I also loved the coloured textas!

Rachael, TV Casting, Sydney

The time to focus on the year ahead, to get clear on actions to take and renew my commitment to the outcomes I really want to achieve.

Rachael, Promotions Manager, Perth

I found it really easy to participate in this workshop. I was able to identify and write down my goals and actions in a way that was comfortable to me. Shandra’s easy friendly manner and the relaxed
environment enabled this to happen. What was most valuable was recognising which goals are important to me and that they are ‘my’ goals! Thank you.

Name not provided

Wish it was longer! Thank you for being so inspiring and insightful. Best idea and such a great decision to come along.

Tatiana, Music rep, Sydney

I just attended the My Brilliant Year workshop with Shandra. It was the perfect balance of mindset and practical tips to take action and move towards the year ahead.

I really enjoyed understanding the
neuroscience behind creating a positive mindset and the impact of language on the mind.

Shandra is a wealth of knowledge and I would highly recommend this workshop.

Alisha Waterman, Yogi, Reiki Healer and Coach, Sydney

The value I got from today’s workshop was the action of attending and showing myself that these things are important to do in ordwer to be a successful human being. It was great to write out the things that go through my head everyday. I have much more clarity now. The process and planner show how quickly time goes and how important taking action is to achieving my goals. Thank you Shandra for a great workshop.

Jai, Personal trainer, Sydney

Loved the workshop ! It gave me lots of ideas on how to start with a dream and take practical steps towards achieving it. Felt it also helped me uncover some of my creative side. Thank you!

Susie, Maroubra

Was great to break down the process and loved the visual tools, this made it far less overwhelming and really clarified my focus.

Emma, Naturopath, Haberfield

Really fabulous to take the time to undergo structured thinking exercises that progress smoothly and quickly to concrete series of goals and outcomes. Fabulous thank you.

Name not provided

I came to the Brilliant Year workshop to get clarity and to remind myself of my goals. It was very practical and I’ve created a vision board – thank you Shandra! Shandra is very knowledgeable, supportive, kind, generous – come and experience it for yourself!

Flora, Coach, Sydney

Our first 90 days are going great guns!!!! Thank you so much, we only
implemented what we could handle, mine was around exercise and a study plan for 2011. Lach’s was around health and his business. The difference in him just after a few weeks is amazing he says almost every day how wonderful he feels which is great to hear as his partner. I feel great as well – the clear space in my mind from just basic light exercise is great for my study plan. The bigger stuff will come in our next 90 days and the 90 after that. Lach has never done goal lists before so small steps for now. Thank you again for getting us started!

Kath, Counsellor, Summer Hill

Everything happens for a reason! Thanks Shandra for being you and enabling me to clarify my vision for 2011 – without this session it would have been much less fun and still just a blurry thought instead of a clear goal and plan.

Caroline, Hospitality, Sydney

So easy and practical – so pumped for 2011

Toni, Music Director, Leichhardt